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If you feel the least bit uncomfortable, please stay at home and do not come to training.
You not only endanger yourself, but also your training partners and risk that the gym will be closed.

So if in doubt, stay at home – safety first!

Thank you!

Welcome to the Austrian Jiu Jitsu Institute.
The Austrian Jiu Jitsu Institute (AJJI) is the place to be for Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts in Vienna and surrounding area.
We practice Jiu Jitsu with Gi (traditional Jiu Jitsu Kimono) and Grappling – (NoGi – without Kimono). The training is completed by wrestling techniques.
Our goal is to adapt our offer to the needs of our members, so that amateur athletes as well as ambitious competitors feel comfortable with us and reach their goals.

If you would like to do a tryout training class or become a member of our team, please click the button “Sign in for a try out class”

If you have any further questions or wishes send us a message to:


We are looking forward to you.

Your AJJI Team

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Roberto Pastuch

Marcos Ríos

Marcos Rios

Training schedule

At the moment we have multiple training classes per day (Monday – Friday).
Below you will find our preliminary schedule, please forgive us if there are any minor changes.
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Training – Schedule

Private Classes

Private classes are provided by Roberto and Marcos. If you are interested in a private class please talk directly to the coaches after the regular classes.

Where to find us?

Our current training room is located at Billrothstraße 16, 1190 Vienna.
There approx. 35m² mat surface is available to us to refine our Jiu Jitsu.


The first tryout training class is free of charge.

After your tryout class you have the following possibilities:

12 month – € 80,- / month (= € 960,- / year)
6 month – € 90,- / month (= €540,- / 6 months)
1 month – € 120,-
1 day – € 25,-
10 times ticket – € 180,-

Inscription fee: € 100,- (once if you choose a 6 or 12 monthcontract)

All taxes (20%) are included.

What is Brazillian Jiu Jitsu?

Jiu Jitsu (jap. 柔術, “the gentle art”) has its origin in the Japanese martial art of the Samurai. The aim is to control an opponent without weapons as efficiently as possible or to make him unable to fight. The applied techniques are based on the principle of “victory by giving in” – the goal is to use most power of the attacker against him.

Today’s more popular Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, abbreviated BJJ, is a modified form of this traditional martial art extended with elements from Judo. Thus, different throwing techniques are combined with classical ground fighting. Not allowed are: biting, hair pulling, punching, kicking and eye pokes. The techniques of BJJ are based exclusively on weight shifting, leverage, pushing and pulling movements to force the attacker to a so-called submission (submitted person surrenders verbally or by tapping out).

For the practice of this martial art, also as a martial sport on competition level, a high level of body control is essential. So the goal of training is not only physical fitness but also the development of body awareness and self-confidence. These aspects of Jiu Jitsu were already of great importance for the Samurai. If you are looking for a physically and mentally challenging sport in which you can develop personally on many levels, BJJ is the right choice.

Our core values:

It is important to us that everyone gets the chance to make the special experiences that our sport brings with it. We want to strengthen the self-confidence of our members and support them in their personal development. In our joint training, important values are taught which are also applicable in all other areas of life and bring added value to society:


Respect for your fellow human beings, trainers, training partners and opponents. It takes a lot of courage to get on the mat when competing against someone. By mustering up this courage, our opponent has already earned the greatest respect. Through every fight you gain important experiences about the sport but also about yourself. You learn from your opponent and should face him with gratitude. The same applies to trainers and training partners.


Everyone wants to be treated fairly, so we act fairly and follow the rules.


As a student of Jiu Jitsu you never stop learning, even from younger practitioners or beginners, you always practice humility. You are always a student of the art and never put yourself above others.


Only through disciplined training you can achieve your goals.


Martial arts is a team sport. You can only get better if you have good training partners, trainers and a good training environment. Therefore you have to listen, be considerate and trust each other.

Tidy appearance

The main thing is to show up for training in an orderly fashion. This means that you wear appropriate, clean training clothes and pay attention to your personal hygiene. As this is a full contact sport, out of consideration for training partners it is advisable, not to have an excessively unpleasant body odour. Nails should also be cut, as these pose a risk of injury when gripping or making other movements. Order should also be maintained in the cloakrooms and in the training room. Since training takes place on the floor, it should always be left clean.


Both on the training mat and off, everyone is the same and is treated with the same respect, regardless of geographical or social origin, age, gender, past, religion, etc.


Austrian Jiu Jitsu Institute


Phone (Philipp Kainz):
+43 (0) 650 485 43 44

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