Tryout training class

We are happy that we could arouse your interest and that you have decided to do a tryout training with us. We can guarantee that you will be thrilled.

For the tryout training class you only need ordinary sportswear. Training is done barefoot, so sports shoes are not necessary. But it is not desired to walk barefoot from the wardrobe to the mat surface, so we recommend bathing shoes.

To sign up for a try out class please click on the button “Sign in try out class”

If you have any questions send us a message to:

You are also welcome to bring a friend to your tryout training session, because training with friends is always most fun.

Please take a photo ID with you and show it to a trainer before the session.

If you are under 18, please bring your parent or legal guardian with you for your first training.
We are looking forward to meeting you,

Your AJJI Team