Mathias Prehofer

Gürtelfarbe: blau

Beruf: Professioneller MMA Kämpfer / Teilzeit Büro

Beste Wettkampfergebnisse:

2 Platz National K1 Champion 70kg
3 Platz Vienna Wrestling Cup 2018
Medal of participation in several chess tournaments

Was mich sonst noch freut und auf was ich stolz bin:

Happily married to the loveliest woman in the world 🙂 Started school with 5 years of age Skipped two classes Started studying with 14 (the youngest student in the history of Austria) Graduated with 16 (second youngest in the history of Austria) After first 6 months of learning Chess achieved a 1230+ ELO rating (non-FIDE) Future one FC champion, I promise that!

Social Media: @mathiaspre

I have never had a lot of talent for sport and up until I was 14 I have been greatly obese and once even weighed 105+ kg on 150cm height. I love fighting and I especially love wrestling and BJJ. I have practiced hard and learned a lot and now I have a very good feeling for those two disciplines. I work hard, smart and a lot and I will never quit until I have reached my goal of becoming one FC champion and defending my belt until I retire! I hope that I can convince you to witness my journey and support me on the way.

Mathias Prehofer
Mathias Prehofer